Make a Multiple Desktop Using a Virtual Desktop

Do you have a computer with windows 10? Do you know that there are so many benefits in installing windows 10? Well, here we are going to discuss one feature which is really helpful in windows 10. We will tell you about virtual desktop below.

Introduction to Virtual Desktop

Do you know about virtual desktop? Well, the virtual desktop is one of the features that you can find in Windows 10. You will have no difficulties in searching for a program. You can freely change and make a new desktop on your computer. You can make multiple desktops through this feature.

By using a virtual desktop, people can take a look at and view all of the programs which are running on each desktop. For example, you can use the first desktop for opening Microsoft office, then you can use the second desktop to turn on music through Winamp or Windows Media Player, and you can browse using Google Chrome on the third desktop.

There is no limit on creating desktops. So, we will get easiness in doing all of the tasks.

Virtual Desktop Features

How do you use this feature? It is an easy way to operate a virtual desktop on your computer.

First, you have to find a task view button on the taskbar. Then, you click on that button. After that, you will see some desktop arranged on your screen with a number on it. Then, on the right side, you have to select a new desktop button to create a new desktop as much as you want.

You can take a look at all of the desktop that you use by hovering on its thumbnail. It helps you to view all of the programs which are running.

How is the way to move and switch between one desktop to another desktop? You can operate and switch the desktop just by clicking them. Or, you can press windows and ctrl and arrow to move the desktop that you want to choose.

How to Close Virtual Desktop?

How do you close or delete the desktops that have been made before? You only need to open the task view on your taskbar. Then, you will see all of the desktops which are active on your screen.

You only need to click on the red cross button to close your desktop. But, you have to remember that if you want to close a desktop with a program which is still running on that desktop, this running program will merge into the main desktop which is still used.

You cannot close the program only by removing the desktop. You have to close each program one by one to exit from that program.

How to Use Virtual Desktop?

You can enter and navigate the virtual desktop using a simple way through your keyboard.

First, you can press Window+ctrl+right/left to move to another desktop. Second, window+ctrl+D is used to make a new desktop on your computer. Third, By pressing Window+Tab, you can see an overview of all desktop that you make. Fourth, Window+ctrl+F4 is used to close or delete the desktop.

So, this is an easy step that you can apply when you want to use a virtual desktop on your computer.

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